The ultimate session design tool for training and facilitation

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    Do your session plans look like that?

    Just like everybody, you struggle with Google Spreadsheets or Word...

    This has many limits:

    • Possible timing errors
    • Not always readable
    • No functionnalities during / after the event
    • Not practical to print or share
    • No integration with the rest of your tools
    • No knowledge capitalization
Another world is possible...

A tool for every step of your session

From creating your session plan with different sequences to the session's animation, Modulo helps facilitators and trainers every step of the way.
Your new must-have tool

Built with you in mind

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  • Collaborative

    Invite all your team on you session. Assign sequences and to-dos so that everyone knows what to do.

  • Mobile

    Take your session with you everywhere with the mobile version. Follow your timing during your event and control your overtime.

  • Versatile

    Modulo fits your practice: facilitation, training, event organization, creativity workshops, remote sessions, hackathons, transformation, agile, design sprints...


A simple pricing

Modulo is free to use. Subscirbing offers access to advanced features and helps support the future development of Modulo.
Discounts are available for NGOs and governemental organizations.

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10€ /user/month includes:
  • Team workspace
  • Shared templates
  • Shared modules
  • Custom PDF
  • AI assistant
Free For ever includes:
  • Unlimited events
  • Collaboration
  • Unlimited modules

Already used by teams in...

avatar Sonia Camus
Sonia Camus

Facilitator, I found in modulo "THE" tool I needed to write my lesson plans. To build sequence by sequence, to set the time, to note the instructions and the material, to be able to see the tasks and the who does what.... with color codes, the formats of the sequences... In short, this is a tool that is made to order, and that continues to improve over time. All this for free, with a paying option for a team in order to share our workflows. To be tested right away if it is not already done :)

avatar Isabelle Fleury-Bernier
Isabelle Fleury-Bernier

Excellent experience in creating scrolls. Modulo is very easy to use: create, modify, annotate, illustrate! I recommend it!

avatar Denis Pansu
Denis Pansu

A tool thought by a user so clever and easy to use! I recommend it. And in addition we are listened to when we have requests or remarks of use.

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